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Paradise Hotel Cofu | GouviaCorfu Town, the island's capital is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Greece. The historic part of Corfu Town enchants with it's Italian Architecture, mixed with British and French elements.

The old town of Corfu, with its alleyways and monuments spanning eight centuries, stretches between the New Fortress and the Old Fortress, both built by the Venetians during their 500 years of rule over the Ionian Islands. In front of the Old Fortress there is the Esplanade, which is a park area full of trees, a cricket field and alongside the splendid Liston - an arcade gallery built by the architect of the Rue Rivoli in Paris. Liston houses today a range of coffee shops and restaurantsthe and is central meeting point in town.

The Town Hall Square, the Square of Saint Spyridon, Ionian Academy and Palace of Saint Michael and Saint Georges and no fewer than 39 churches add to the charm of Corfu Town.

Owing to these treasures and marvels, Corfu is considered to be one of the most elegant towns in Greece, offering plenty to visitors and local alike, which is why Unesco supports the preservation of its cultural heritage.